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Electrical And Mechanical Project Experience

Domestic And International Application and Consultancy Services

35 Years of Experience

Over 300 Projects in total and Over 10 Million Man-Hours

Experience in All Types of Infrastructures and Superstructures

Including Highrise Structures, Rail Systems, Shopping Malls and Energy Transmission Lines…

How Do We Work?

Coordination with construction units, choosing the right material, obtaining sufficient workforce, We are your solution partner that supports your burden in administration, project drawings and suggestions.


Knowledge and Experience

Mastering of project drawings and specifications


Resource Management

Procurement process and resource management suitable for work schedule



Correct application with the right shop-drawing drawings


Completing and Commissioning

Commissioning of systems and delivery with as-built drawings.


As the MET family, we make it easier for you to bring your projects to life by sharing our 35 years of experience. With the right workforce, material and financial management, we carry out your project implementation processes without any problems. In line with the project drawings, general and special specifications, we undertake the management of all projects from recruitment to delivery and approval processes within the framework of engineering ethical rules and occupational requirements. By providing economical and technological solutions, we help you to reduce your installation costs while providing convenience in operating processes.


Our Services

With the right workforce, material and financial management, we carry out your project design and implementation processes without any problems.


Project Undertaking/Contracting

Turn-key solutions in the Project Application and Contracting in all scopes from the beginning to the end of the work


Project Design and Consultancy

Application-oriented, budget-friendly project design, preparation of tender and tender documents.


HV Facility Consulting

Services in High Voltage Facilities, which is a legal requirement for cooperations with HV Facilities.

Become Solution Partners with us!

We are ready for Cooperation

We have delivered the works that we have undertaken for decades at the right time and quality. We did not cut our support after installation in maintenance and high voltage operation responsibility services after delivery. We have completed hundreds of projects with this approach and we are the solution partner of tens of companies for years.


Total Number of Projects


Total Managed Man-Hours


Highest Man-Hours Managed in a Single Project


Managed Project in 1 Year (2015)


Total Number of Cities Worked in 6 Countries